Anna University Computer Science Subject Name Subject Codes 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th Semesters

Anna University Subject Name Subject Codes for CSE 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th Semester

Anna University Computer Science Subject Name Subject CodesAnna University Subject Name & Subject Codes for Computer Science Engineering students for first year, second year, third year, fourth year will be given below. Every year number of students to study engineering increased more, Because many of the parents even though students also interested to do engineering courses. You all know Anna university is the one of the biggest organization which has more than 400 engineering colleges under. Each year lakh of students got degree from Anna University. The university has provide many courses to students like computer science, information technology, electrical, electronics, mechanical, civil, biotechnology etc.

Students completing 12th standard are don't know how to study in engineering. We will guide you to score more marks in Computer Science Engineering. The Anna university has main campus in Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Tiruchirappalli, Tirunelveli etc. The subject code changes depending on regulation. From 1st semester to 7th semester totally 6 subjects and for final semester 2 subject including project. The first year is common for all department courses.

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Anna University Computer Science Engineering Subject Code List-Regulation 2008:

Anna university subject codes for CSE 1st Semester:

Theory Exam:

HS2111- Technical English-1

MA2111- Mathematics-1

PH2111- Engineering Physics-1

CY2111- Engineering Chemistry-I

GE2111- Engineering Graphics-I

GE2112- Fundamentals of computing & Programming

Practical Exam: 

GE2115- Computer Practice Laboratory-I

GE2116- Engineering Practices Laboratory

GE2117- Physics and Chemistry  

Anna university subject codes for CSE 2nd Semester:

Theory Exam:

HS2161- Technical English II

MA2161- Mathematics II

PH2161- Engineering Physics II

CY2161- Engineering Chemistry II

EC2151- Electric Circuits and Electron Devices

GE2152- Basic Civil & Mechanical Engineering

Practical Exam:

GS2165- Physics and Chemistry Laboratory

EC2155- Circuits and Devices Laboratory

GE2155- Computer Practice Laboratory-II

Anna university subject codes for CSE 3rd Semester:

Theory Exam:

MA 2211 - Transforms and Partial Differential Equations

CS 2201 - Data Structures

CS 2202 - Digital Principles and Systems Design

CS 2203 - Object Oriented Programming

CS 2204 - Analog and Digital Communication

GE 2021 - Environmental Science and Engineering

Practical Exam:

CS 2207- Digital Lab

CS 2208- Data Structures Lab

CS 2209- Object Oriented Programming Lab

Anna university subject codes for CSE 4th Semester:

Theory Exam:

MA 2262- Probability and Queueing Theory

CS 2251- Design and Analysis of Algorithms

CS 2252- Microprocessors and Microcontrollers

CS 2253- Computer Organization and Architecture

CS 2254- Operating Systems

CS 2255- Database Management System

Practical Exam:

CS 2257- Operating Systems Lab

CS 2258- Data Base Management Systems Lab

CS 2259- Microprocessors Lab

Anna university subject codes for CSE 5th Semester:

Theory Exam:

CS2301- Software Engineering

MA2265- Discrete Mathematics

CS2302- Computer Networks

CS2303- Theory of Computation

CS2304- System Software

CS2305- Programming Paradigms

Practical Exam:

CS2307- Network Lab

CS2308- System Software Lab

CS2309- Java Lab

Anna university subject codes for CSE 6th Semester:

Theory Exam:

CS2351- Artificial Intelligence

CS2352- Principles of Compiler Design

CS2353- Object Oriented Analysis and Design

CS2354- Advanced Computer Architecture

Elective – I

Elective – II

Practical Exam:

CS2357- Object Oriented Analysis and Design Lab

GE2321- Communication Skills Lab

CS2358- Internet Programming Lab

Elective Subjects-(I):

CS2021- Multicore Programming

CS2022- Visual Programming

CS2023- Advanced JAVA Programming

CS2024- Parallel Programming

IT2353- Web Technology

Elective Subjects-(II):

CS2028- UNIX Internals

MA2264- Numerical Methods

IT2354- Embedded Systems

CS2029- Advanced Database Technology

IT2043- Knowledge Management

CS2030- High Performance Microprocessors

Anna university subject codes for CSE 7th Semester:

Theory Exam:

MG2452- Engineering Economics & Financial Accounting

CS2401- Computer Graphics

CS2402- Mobile and Pervasive Computing

CS2403- Digital Signal Processing

Elective III

Elective IV

Practical Exam:

CS2405- Computer Graphics Lab

CS2406- Open Source Lab

Elective Subjects-(III):

MG2453- Resource Management Techniques

CS2032- Data Warehousing and Data Mining

CS2033- Real Time Systems

CS2034- TCP/IP Design and Implementation

CS2035- Natural Language Processing

IT2024- User Interface Design

IT2401- Service Oriented Architecture

Elective Subjects-(IV):

CS2040- Advanced Operating Systems

CS2041- C# and .NET Framework

IT2352- Cryptography and Network Security

IT2061- Systems Modeling & Simulation

GE2022- Total Quality Management

IT2351- Network Programming and Management

IT2032- Software Testing

CS2045- Wireless Networks

Anna university subject codes for CSE 8th Semester:

Theory Exam:

Elective V

Elective VI

Practical Exam:

CS2451- Project Work

Elective Subjects-(V):

GE2071- Intellectual Property Rights

CS2051- Graph Theory

IT2042- Information Security

CS2053- Soft Computing

IT2023- Digital Image Processing

CS2055- Software Quality Assurance

CS2056- Distributed Systems

CS2057- Knowledge Based Decision Support Systems

GE2025- Professional Ethics in Engineering

GE2023- Fundamental of Nano Science

Elective Subjects-(VI):

GE2072- Indian Constitution and Society

CS2060- High Speed Networks

CS2061- Robotics

IT2403- Software Project Management

CS2062- Quantum Computing

CS2063- Grid Computing

CS2064- Agent Based Intelligent Systems

IT2033- Bio Informatics

IT2064- Speech Processing

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